Minny Pops

Minny Pops 1981 - photo by Roy Tee

Formed by vocalist/band leader Wally van Middendorp in Amsterdam in 1978, Dutch electro pioneers Minny Pops took their name from a primitive Korg drum machine. The band released several singles and a debut album, Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement, on independent Dutch label Plurex before joining Factory Records in 1980.

Minny Pops' association with the legendary Manchester label would see them produced by Martin Hannett, tour with Joy Division and later New Order, and become the first Dutch group to record a Peel Session. Singles including Dolphin's Spurt, Secret Story and Time were followed by the acclaimed album Sparks in a Dark Room in 1982.

The band released two further albums (Poste Restante and Fourth Floor) before splitting in 1985. A concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on 24 December 1981 would prove to be their last live performance as Minny Pops...

...until 2012, when a series of gigs were undertaken in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium. Also that year, Minny Pops recorded a 7" single, Glistering/Waiting for This to Happen, for Tim Burgess' O Genesis label.

After a brief pause to draw breath in 2013, Minny Pops returned to the stage. Working as a collective of the willing and daring, in 2015 their adventures included a headline spot at the Gothic Pogo festival in Leipzig. And as 2016 unfolds, you can expect to find them subverting expectations from the UK to BE, with surprises and deceased dogs in between.

Note: A more extensive biography of Minny Pops (written by James Nice, author of Shadowplayers: The Rise and Fall of Factory Records) is available on the LTM Recordings website.

Download a 2012 long-form Minny Pops biography, written by Jim Wirth, here.