Minny Pops

2016 10 04
Finally: rePeeled

Minny Pops at the Westgarth Social Club 29.10.2016

Gone but not forgotten...

A scant 36 years after they became the first Dutch act to record a session for him, Minny Pops will lend their talents to four celebrations of the legendary BBC DJ and tireless new music champion John Peel, in live engagements across England.

The gigs will take place in London on 26 October at Paper Dress Vintage (co-starring fellow Dutch Peel favourites Eton Crop), in Manchester on 27 October at Soup Kitchen, in Preston at the Continental on 28 October, and in Middlesbrough at the Westgarth Social Club on 29 October.

Ticket information and further particulars can be viewed here.

You can hear Minny Pops' November 1980 Peel session (Ice Cube Walls, Jets, Mono and Goddess) here. Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate...


2016 08 03
Volgende halte: Brussel

Minny Pops at Le Botanique 24.09.2016

To BE or not to BE: Minny Pops' inexorable conceptual-art progress takes them to Brussels on 24 September 2016.

The collective will headline Fantastique Night XLIX at Le Botanique's Witloof Bar on a bill that includes Venin Carmin, Monographic and the Hermetic Electric.

Admirers and acolytes, connoisseurs and camp followers, the faithful and the rest will find tickets available here.


2016 07 07
Daft and punk at Gebr de Nobel

Wally van Middendorp and Mark Ritsema

One fine night in Leiden last month, guitarist Mark Ritsema was Wally's willing accomplice in 12 minutes and 12 seconds of astonishment. Photographic proof of what transpired has been provided by Coen Bastiaanssen.


2016 07 01
Dead dogs, dads and Elvis

The mission: reconnect with the future to move forward with the past, as a wise Dutchman once said.

On 25 February an unsuspecting Paradiso in AMS was host to MakenKaBaal, at which the one and only Tits (starring Wally van Middendorp in his very first musical undertaking) delivered their one and only live post-facto performance of the Nederpunk classic 'We're So Glad Elvis is Dead' (see below). And here's what Louder than War had to say about it all.

And on the red-letter night of 29 April the good people of Scaledown in LDN turned the spotlight on Minny Pops' latest heartbroken love ballad, Dat Dead Dog Dead. Pass the hanky.


2016 01 16
Stand-off comedy, love potions, ritual burnings and Tits

Minny Pops at the Lexington May 2015

You may have wondered if we had just disappeared from the surface of the Earth and gone on a mission to explore Mars, or one of those other places man may visit from time to time.

2015 started out full of hope, and in the first half of the year we played nearly one gig a month. One of the highlights was our magnificent, mind-expanding and mind-blowing performance at the Gothic Pogo Festival in Leipzig, where the crowd continued chanting 'Monica from Munich, she is my lover…we want blood!' long after we had left the stage. In fact, they were still chanting long after we had left the building.

And then - it must have been in June - I simply don't know what happened. On the train on the way back home from a performance with our new friend Dr Equalizer at Arch 1 in London, we came to a grinding halt in the middle of nowhere. I didn't know what to do, where to go, whether to laugh or cry. Was this it? It seemed like the bucket that had always been half full with this secret love potion was now empty. My headspace had collapsed, I was under water and had to come up for air.

Thank goodness some videos had been pre-recorded, and Your Leader could reach out to you with a series of eleven video messages. There was talk about disbanding the Minny Pops collective and starting a band; there was talk of starting a kolkhoz in Cumbria. I don't really know what happened, but I think Your Leader had lost his plot.

In November there were rumblings about digging up the past, in some sort of event that would involve Your Leader reuniting with one of his old friends for a one-off performance on 25 February 2016 at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, and this would be all about KaBaal Maken. And apparently the rumours are true: after digging and digging, we found the roots of Minny Pops, and this beast is called Tits.

I understand that a ritual burning of recently discovered archives has also been planned to pave the way for the future: a new year with gigs, performances and stand-off comedy (which is the best kind). I say bring it on, and hope you will join us.

-- Wally


2015 03 29
Besser spät als nie

Wally observes:

"Back to Deutschland where it all started/Monica from Munich, she is my lover": words from the song "Monica", from our Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement album released in 1979.

Despite these strong references to Germany in one of our earliest songs, we never actually played there back in the day: not in Berlin, not in Hamburg, not in Cologne and not in Munich.

But there is always a first time, and we are very honoured to make our first-ever appearance in Germany at the Gothic Pogo Festival in Leipzig on 23 May (ticket info here). And when in Leipzig we will definitely visit the Leipzig Zoo, opened on 9 June 1878.

Gothic Pogo festival

And a word to the good citizens of London: Minny Pops will warm up for Leipzig by performing live at 8.28pm on Wednesday 20 May at The Lexington, N1, supporting Agent Side Grinder.


2015 03 08
Fowl play in Salford

Minny Pops and a host of other acts including Ill and Joyce Division promise to honour Easter's long association with poultry, and make Good Friday in Manchester even better.

The Fat Bastard Cock Fest, an all-dayer at Islington Mill in Salford presented by Minny Pops collective member Louise Woodcock and Fat Out, will take place Friday 3 April 2015.

Tickets are an improbable £6 and can be purchased here.



2015 02 26
Your leader reveals: "I finished writing my book"

A special Minny Pops performance will take place on Friday 27 February at Scaledown #106 at the King & Queen, London W1W 6DL.

This performance will feature an Imperial 200 typewriter, a stack of paper and sticky memo pads.

Three chapters of the book will be performed to music for the duration of 9.09 minutes:
'Patty Hearst' - 'Slow Car, Fast Car' - 'Een Kogel Is Geen Vogel'

The event will begin at 9.09pm sharp.


2015 02 08
Fitzrovia, Manchester, Stoke Newington

On Friday 27 February, Friday 3 April and Sunday 7 June Minny Pops, in a variety of guises, will perform live in, variously, a red-brick palace that legend has it was host to Bob Dylan's first-ever UK gig; a room full of beats and the ghosts of industry; and a home for old sofas above a pool hall. More info here.


2014 10 25
On the seventh day, restless

On Sunday 2 November 2014, Minny Pops will take part in November's edition of the monthly Tuesdays Post evening at The Others in Stoke Newington, London. Good people, innovative music, comfortable sofas.

In honour of the re-release of their debut recording, Minny Pops' 16-minute performance will deconstruct and construct a song from Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement.

Minny Pops will be on stage at 10.14pm sharp.

Tuesdays Post


2014 10 12
Red letter night

Musiic Festival

At 7.41pm precisely, on Saturday 18 October 2014, Minny Pops will take the stage as part of the MUS IIC Festival.01 , along with Wrangler and Gazelle Twin, at the Red Gallery, London. Tickets are on sale here.

And, for those of you who prefer your updates straight from the man at the front of the stage, but do not yet subscribe to the Minny Pops mailing list, what follows is an extract from the latest transmission.

Your leader reflects:

I made an effort. I tried and I struggled and I thought it was going to be easy, but it definitely was not. It was like I was programmed, brainwashed, or simply too set in my ways. Being in a band is not easy; being asked to leave a band is not easy; but leaving your own band behind of your own free will is unexpectedly complicated and difficult. It took some time to adjust to being part of the self-proclaimed collective that Minny Pops now operate as. There are advantages: like being in the Communist Party, we are all comrades and all equal... although I'm not sure if it will actually work. What I no longer have to do is explain why X or Y is not currently sharing a stage with me (not that anyone's asked).

These are interesting times: thinking, playing, discarding and inventing. And, on the live front, two manifestations. First, our 18 October performance at the Red Gallery in London, with a lineup comprising Louise W, Lee McF and Iona T. It's a shame John B is not able to join us, but he is doing what needs to be done in Oslo that very same day. Luckily he will be back for our second event of the autumn, on 2 November at The Others in London. This will be a 16-minute performance deconstructing and constructing a song from the first (and also the latest) Minny Pops album, Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement songs. R.U. going to join us?

-- Wally


2014 08 10
DM DM: the sequel

Minny Pops' wilfully uncompromising debut album Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement, first released in 1979 on Plurex, will be reissued by Factory Benelux as a limited-edition 2-CD set on 20 October 2014.

The first disc includes the 13 tracks that made up the original Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement release, supplemented by 9 bonus tracks and 12 minutes of audiovisual footage filmed at the Filmakademie in Amsterdam in 1979.

The second disc presents a "suite performance" of the entire album, recorded live at Amsterdam Dansmakers on 11 March 2012, with a lineup comprising Wally van Middendorp, Pieter Mulder, Dennis Duchhart, Thomas Myrmel, Bart de Vrees, Jeroen Kimman and Wilbert Bulsink.

Listen to Monica (live) from Disc 2 of the re-released Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement here.


2014 07 19
Forging connections

Minny Pops' latest shape-shifting incarnation will play a last minute, under-the-radar gig with Solus3 and Shabsi Mann at The Forge in Camden, London on 31 July. Tickets are £6 and available on the door only, in cash.

This will be a test-lab gig. Expect new sounds, new hands, some surprises and possibly a new shirt.


2014 05 05
Vinylly available

Minny Pops' acclaimed second album Sparks In A Dark Room (originally released in 1982) is now available on vinyl in a special collector's edition.

This 140-gram vinyl release, catalogue number Factory Benelux FBN 15/Blowpipe BP086, comprises two discs: a remastered version of the original 12-track recording, and a 13-track recording of Minny Pops live at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on 7 April 2012.

This Blowpipe Records release is available in your choice of black vinyl or blue/orange vinyl. The package also includes access to downloads of all 25 tracks included in the vinyl two-disc set, as well as an additional 11 Minny Pops rarities and a Blowpipe Records sampler.

Sparks In A Dark Room was recently re-released on Factory Benelux as a two-disc CD comprising the original album with the abovementioned 11 extra tracks and the live recording of Minny Pops live at the Melkweg in 2012.

The Sparks In A Dark Room 2-disc vinyl package can be ordered here from Blowpipe Records or here from Factory Benelux.


2014 04 24

And a fine time was had by all: Minny Pops, Crispy Ambulance and Section 25 celebrated Record Store Day (and Factory Night) at Manchester's Ruby Lounge on 19 April in fine style.

The Guardian's eminent Northern arbiter of taste, Dave Simpson, liked what he saw in his four-star review of the evening, which you can read here.

In the meantime, plans are afoot for the next Minny Pops live manifestation.

Of that seductive place, the future, where all things are possible, Wally says: "Minny Pops are reorganising their modus operandi. So long democratic dictatorship; hello conceptual (art and music) collectivity."

Watch this space, or thereabouts.


2014 02 24
Red hot and live

Minny Pops' gig with fellow Factory hands Crispy Ambulance and Section 25 - billed as a Factory Night on Record Store Day - will take place on Saturday 19 April 2014 at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester.

Tickets are £10 and may be purchased here.

The Ruby Lounge 19-04-2014


2014 02 20
Digging up the underground

Minny Pops' Wally van Middendorp talks to Richard Foster about post-punk in the Netherlands and much more. Read all about it here at Luifabriek.


2014 02 17
Sparks rekindled

Minny Pops' acclaimed 1982 album Sparks in a Dark Room is to be reissued as a deluxe 2-CD set by Factory Benelux.

The first of the two discs contains remastered versions of the album's original 12 tracks, as well as an additional 11 tracks.

The second disc captures the live sounds of a reformed Minny Pops, on stage at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on 7 April 2012, in a year that saw their first live performances in nearly three decades.

Listen to Trance, one of the 13 tracks on the second disc, here:

Sparks in a Dark Room (FBN15CD) will be released on 17 March 2014 and can be purchased directly from Factory Benelux.


2014 01 27
Your leader reveals

I was told to never show any regret; they said I should just soldier on. What do I know about being hunted like a silver fox? I never said I would close the door completely; I always wanted to keep it ajar. I wanted to keep my promise but did not want to keep you waiting for another 30 years…just waiting for something to happen. Playing a gig is my future; not playing a gig is my past.

Minny Pops will share the stage with Section 25 and Crispy Ambulance at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester on 19 April 2014.

Future moves past, smoked salmons on dry land.

-- Wally


2012 12 04
Your leader reflects

It feels like only yesterday, but in fact it was January 2011 when all the band members got together to discuss a possible reformation of the mighty Minny Pops. It is now December 2012 and just over a week since we played our last gig (ever) at the Lexington in London. It was a very special night for me; I had fun and hope our audience had fun, too. I'm happy to have played live versions of FAC 31, OGEN 019, FBN 11 and FAC 57; we even checked to see if anyone could remember our classics "Kojak" and "RU21".

Loved the positive feedback we got after the show; enjoyed drinking a shot with our fans and giving them a kiss or a hug. One of the highlights was being asked 'Will you marry me?' by one of our fans via Twitter - how modern!

So here we are today, and I have thought about it long and hard: Minny Pops began as a project and should end as a project. There were moments this year, on the road with our live line-up, that I felt like I was in a band. And it definitely felt like being in a band when we recorded our "Waiting For This To Happen"/"Glistering" single in one take at Eve Studios in Stockport. I am so proud of our new single; I am so proud of my fellow band members' performances and grateful to Tim Burgess for providing us with an opportunity to record two new tracks after nearly 30 years.

But it ain't over yet. I am open to the unexpected - and to tell you the truth, the Minny Pops book will not close. We have just added another great chapter. Maybe another one in another 30 years?

-- Wally


2012 12 03
Waiting for this to happen, finally, vinyl-y and digitally

Minny Pops' first 7" single in almost three decades, Waiting For This To Happen/Glistering, is now available not only on glorious vinyl courtesy of Tim Burgess' O Genesis Recordings, but also as a digital download via iTunes.

See this website's Discography page for more information about the single, and details of where it can be purchased.


2012 11 26
Motion to standstill

Tonight, Minny Pops perform live in London at The Lexington, in their last gig of the year and quite possibly their last gig, full stop.

They will be joined by Pavlov's Children, DJs Nik Void and Tim Burgess, and actor Craig Parkinson reading Ian Rankin's OGenesis-released short story, "A Little Bit of Powder".

Tickets are available in advance from WeGotTickets, or on the door. A special surprise awaits the first 50 people to arrive; doors are at 7.30pm.


2012 11 19
In press (ive)

Minny Pops are delighted to appear in the (virtual) pages of The Quietus. In a feature interview you can read here, Nix Lowrey speaks to Wally van Middendorp, with photos by Robin Butter and Jos van Vliet.

Wally also appears in Richard Foster's Incendiary magazine in this Q & A, accompanied by more of Robin Butter's images.


Minny Pops: Waiting For This To Happen/Glistering

2012 11 09
A surprising seven inches

Minny Pops' first studio work in nearly three decades has resulted in a double-A-sided 7" single featuring the tracks Waiting For This To Happen, and Glistering.

The recording was made possible by Tim Burgess, owner of OGenesis Recordings. Tim produced these two tracks in September 2012, with engineering assistance from James Spencer, at Eve Studios in Stockport.

Minny Pops members in studio were Wally van Middendorp (vocals), Wim Dekker (keyboards), Pieter Mulder (bass), Mark Ritsema (guitar) and Thomas Myrmel (programming). Both tracks were written by Minny Pops.

Waiting For This To Happen/Glistering will be released on 26 November 2012, and it may be purchased from the O Genesis online shop.

Listen to a streamed excerpt of Glistering:


The Lexington 26 November

2012 10 13
A Quietus Occasion (O Gen 027)

Minny Pops celebrate the release of their first 7" single in almost 3 decades (thanks to Tim Burgess and his OGenesis label) with a very special live event in London on 26 November 2012.

Not only will the evening at The Lexington feature DJing by Tim Burgess and Nik Colk Void, but the event has been afforded an O Genesis catalogue number to mark the occasion.

Additional support courtesy of Pavlov's Children, and Craig Parkinson reading Ian Rankin.

Tickets are £9 advance from We Got Tickets, and a pleasant surprise awaits the first 50 attendees to arrive.


2012 09 02
Back to SK

Just hours after a particularly action-packed set in the Rat Pit at the 1234 Festival in Shoreditch, Minny Pops - that's Wally van Middendorp, Wim Dekker, Pieter Mulder, Mark Ritsema and Thomas Myrmel - have headed north to Eve Studios.

They're recording a single for Tim Burgess' OGenesis label - watch this space for further details.

The trip north is also a welcome return to Stockport; in 1980, the band recorded FAC 31 ("Goddess" and "Dolphins Spurt") at Stockport studio Strawberry 1 with Martin Hannett.



2012 08 06
Hoxton bound

Minny Pops enter the ninth month of their reanimated performance adventure with an appearance at the 1234 Festival in Shoreditch, London on 1 September 2012.

Tickets are still available, and even Dutchmen agree that they are ridiculously good value.


2012 07 15
Cumbria bound

At the express invitation of best-selling author, recording artist and Charlatans singer Tim Burgess, Minny Pops will be performing at the forthcoming Kendal Calling festival in England's Lake District.

The band will perform a late-night set in the Houseparty tent on Saturday 28 July and then a daytime set at the Tim Peaks Diner on Sunday 29 July, 2012.

Follow @MinnyPops via Twitter for information about on-stage times. Follow Tim Burgess' Twitter feed at @Tim_Burgess for daily updates on all he has planned for Kendal Calling, from chainsaw art to breakfast cereal.


2012 05 30
And now for something completely different

Minny Pops are putting the finishing touches on their setlist for their next London appearance.

They will be taking the stage at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo on Wednesday 6 June, at the express invitation of headliner and longtime admirer Slash.

What is Dutch conceptual-art post-punk doing on a bill with the man with the hat and the legendary riffs? The Guardian's Michael Hann is perplexed (and secretly thrilled). Read his musings here.


2012 04 17
Taking Shoreditch by surprise

Minny Pops are delighted at the prospect of spending 1 September at the excellent 1234 Festival in Shoreditch Park, London.

Early bird tickets are available here.


2012 04 04
A time and a place for everything

Minny Pops are preparing for their last-ever performance in The Netherlands, Saturday 7 April at Melkweg in the Oude Zaal (bring flowers, if you wish, says the Great Leader).

Their farewell performance will not be the only event on offer at Ultra-Einde, of course: a plethora of turns, tricks and surprises await.

Those who wish to plan their time in advance can peruse the complete programme of events for the evening via pdf.


2012 03 31
Investigative television

In which the Great Leader discusses culture, sports and politics: Wally van Middendorp appears here, approximately 23 minutes into a recent episode of muzy-Q on new Dutch web channel Meer-Online TV.


2012 03 31
Things people say (Pieter Malliet, IndieStyle)

Decidedly cool Belgian magazine IndieStyle, courtesy of writer Pieter Malliet, has some insightful things to say about Minny Pops' Standstill to Motion: Live at the Melkweg, 19-03-1981, here.


2012 03 22
Tall man in Hammersmith Apollo

Minny Pops have been confirmed as support to rock guitar deity Slash on Wednesday 6 June in London.

Slash, who earlier this year revealed his affection for Minny Pops via Twitter and Facebook, will headline the date at HMV Hammersmith Apollo in support of his new album Apocalyptic Love. Second on the bill are Halestorm; Minny Pops kick off the evening's musical festivities.

According to Wally van Middendorp, "We have a different dress style, but both Slash and Minny Pops know how to rock."

Tickets are available for purchase here.


2012 03 19
Well lubricated

In which the conceptual-art potential of olive oil is weighed and found far from wanting:

Incendiary magazine offers a critical assessment of Minny Pops' performance at Dansmakers in Amsterdam on 11 March.


2012 03 12
The XX factor

Listen to Wally van Middendorp and his all-female Minny Pops soundchecking "Kojak" here.


2012 03 12
Snap judgements

On 7 March, Minny Pops played their 1979 debut LP Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels. This was one of only two "suite performances" of the album.

The memorable evening was preserved for posterity by noted Belgian rock photographers Pieter Verhaeghe and Xavier Marquis.



2012 03 08
Bunker mentality

Another ULTRA2012 pop-up event takes the world by surprise. From March 11 to 16, during the morning and evening rush hours, public reading sessions will take place at Metrostation Weesperplein in Amsterdam, a Cold War-era nuclear shelter.

Among the participants will be authors Harold Schellinx (Ultra), Leonor Jonker (No Future Nu) en Martijn Haas (Bibikov for President).

Van 11 tot 16 maart, vinden voorleessessies plaats in onze eigenste Inkijk-galerie in underground metrostation (en Koude Oorlog-atoomschuilkelder) Weesperplein. Tijdens de ochtend- en avondspits zullen de auteurs Harold Schellinx (Ultra), Leonor Jonker (No Future Nu) en Martijn Haas (Bibikov for President) voordragen uit hun werk, daarbij ondersteund door unieke videobeelden.


2012 03 04
Minny Pops' Brussels debut

Rather surprisingly, Minny Pops' 7 March visit to Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels marks their first live performance in this most European of cities.

Wally van Middendorp and cohorts will present a "suite performance" of the band's provocative debut album, Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement. Minny Pops' lineup features Dennis Duchhart (electric guitar), Pieter Mulder (banjo, ukulele), Wilbert Bulsink (piano and melodica), Bart de Vrees (drums, percussion, electronic drums), Thomas van Myrmel (bass, electronic percussion, sound treatments) and Jeroen Kinman (electric guitar).

The evening begins at 20.00 and includes a performance by New Moons (ex-Young Lions), author Harold Schellinx discussing Ultra, his just-published book on the movement of the same name, and global post punk/no wave from Gonzo Circus DJs De Geluidsarchitect and Sebcat.

Tickets are just 8 euros and available only on the door.


2012 03 04
Ultra to the power of 22

Music website 22 Tracks is currently offering the chance to hear audio highlights of the Ultra era, curated by Harold Schellinx and Oscar Smit, and ranging from Minny Pops and the Young Lions to Tox Modell and Nasmak.

Listen here!


2012 03 03
History, channeled

A recent interview with Wally van Middendorp sees him offering a state of the nation statement on Minny Pops and the Ultra movement of the early Eighties.

The footage was filmed for VPRO Geschiedenis 24 as part of a portrait series on the 1977 - 1984 generation.


2012 03 03
They've been framed

The sleeves of Minny Pops' Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement LP (Plurex 900) and Dolphin's Spurt single (FAC 31) are now officially considered art.

The proof? Both of them are currently on display at the God Save The Queen (Punk in the Netherlands 1979 - 1984) exhibition at Centraal Museum in Utrecht. The exhibition runs until 10 June 2012.


Minny Pops at Dansmakers

2012 03 01
A word from your Leader

Je hebt nog 9 dagen om kaarten te bestellen voor de eenmalige 'Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement' suite uitvoering van Minny Pops op 11 maart in Dansmakers.nl (aanvang 20.30 uur).

Je hebt nog twee keer de gelegenheid om mij met de Minny Pops in Nederland te zien optreden, daarna is het voorbij, daarna is het over, daarna is het finito.

Je hebt nu in ieder geval een goed excuus om op zondagavond een keer van de bank af te komen en te bewijzen dat je geen vroeg-bejaarde bent geworden.


Kaarten kopen bij www.dansmakers.nl/ticketservice.

Een reservering maken bij restaurant Stork en je vrouw / man / partner / geliefde maar ook vrienden uitnodigen om samen te gaan eten.

Je laten verrrassen door een combi van muziek, passie, dans, hartstocht, poezie en liefde!

Uw grote Roerganger, uw democratische Dictator, uw allerbeste Vriend ziet u op 11 maart graag verschijnen.


You still have nine days to order tickets for our one-time only 'Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement' suite performance on 11 March at Dansmakers in Amsterdam.

You still have two opportunities to see me perform with Minny Pops in Netherlands; after that it's over, it's done, that's it.

You now have a good excuse to get off of your sofa on a Sunday evening and prove to yourself you haven't turned into a couch potato.


Order your tickets at www.dansmakers.nl/ticketservice.

Make a reservation at Restaurant Stork and invite your wife, husband, partner, lover and friends to join you for dinner.

Come with an open mind and be surprised by an eclectic mix of music, passion, dance, soul-searching, poetry and love.

Your great Leader, your democratic Dictator, your best Friend is looking forward to personally embracing you on 11 March.


2012 02 29
Suffragette city

Wally van Middendorp on the female Minny Pops performing at TAC, Eindhoven on March 9, 2012:

"When Minny Pops started out, 'Kojak' was one of the more brutal songs we played live, and my intent to subvert the ultra-macho cop-show dialogue wasn't always understood. When an opportunity to perform the song again after three decades presented itself, I decided I didn't want to play it with musicians I'd performed with before - that would have been the easy way out.

"So I put a message out in space saying that I was looking for a female Minny Pops line-up. How lucky I am that my call was answered, and I'll be performing our Plurex 005 single 'Kojak'/'Footsteps'/'Nervous' with these four wonderful females who stepped into my life: Cox Dieben (bass), Lilia Scheerder (programming and sounds), Nathalie Janssen (guitar) and Julia Hendriks (guitar).

"In case you're wondering, yes, they play (respectively) in The Very Sexuals, OKC, La Vie de Boheme and April."


2012 02 29
What's that sound?

Dutch act WIEMAN will play a Minny Pops-inspired set at the ULTRA2012 event in Nijmegen on March 8 2012. Rumours of a Wally Pops guest appearance are circulating.

An audio hint of what sort of Wieman you can expect is here.


2012 02 28
Things people say (Ned Raggett, All Music Guide)

"Beginning with the gently nervous pulse and stern guitar -- and sometimes stern singing -- of 'Wong', the 15-song document exudes a compelling feeling even three decades out, when such a sound (post-punk, coldwave, call it what you will) was still something just strange and new enough instead of a well-worn pathway by so many bands down the line. 'Trance' helps shift the tone from slow progression to clipped art-funk, with a performance that could measure up to erstwhile labelmates Section 25 at the same time; a dramatic, strong performance of 'Kogel' and the focused throb of 'Time' are other strong moments, a kind of Downtown 81 feeling on the other side of the Atlantic..."

Read the AllMusic.com review of Standstill to Motion: Live at the Melkweg, 19-03-1981, in full here.


2012 02 25
Tour confidential

Music writer Leonor Jonker is author of the acclaimed new book No Future Nu, a history of punk and post-punk music in The Netherlands.

She accompanied Minny Pops on their recent UK tour. Read her account on VPRO's 3 Voor 12 website.


2012 02 23
Things people say (Tim Leenders)

"Een handvol jaren geleden vond ik een opening. Het was de opening van een kijkdoos. Gezonde reislust in samenwerking met Simon Reynolds' Rip It Up brachten me al veel moois. Pere Ubu, Josef K, This Heat, Devo. Maar nu kreeg ik een inkijk in wat er zo een vijfentwintig jaar geleden in Amsterdam en zelfs in Nuenen - geboorteplaats van mijn moeder - gebeurde. Opwinding en spanning voelde ik, als schatzoeken op een slecht verlichte zolder. Kijk- en luistergeld betaalde ik. Een oude Vinyl en de 4Our Clicks LP. Verder: speuren in enen en nullen om de kijkdoos te verlichten. (The Real It van Kiem komt voor de geest terwijl ik dit neertyp.)

"Das war einmal. Nu wordt het verleden naar het heden getild. Het is me een eer om te komen kijken op ULTRA2012-EINDE. Minny Pops en Plus Instruments mogen zien, ik had het niet verwacht. Bedankt voor het extra zoeklicht."


2012 02 15
Old friends

Dutch band The Tapes, who are reforming after 30 years, will join Minny Pops onstage at the Melkweg on April 7th. In the meantime, you can find them on Facebook.


2012 02 14
Consumer goods

Three limited-edition Minny Pops t-shirts are now available for sale exclusively via Moskwood Media.

Proclaim your allegiance to conceptual art with the aid of a dead bird, a mysterious blue LP sleeve or an impetuous man with a microphone.


2012 02 08
Things people say (Ruthie Morris, Magnapop)

"Twenty years ago, Wally invited us over to Europe to play our music to more people and more Dutch towns than we had ever heard of, and did everything possible to make us feel completely comfortable.

"We didn't know at the time that just a few years before that, he and his band were doing everything possible to make Dutch people feel completely *uncomfortable* by playing more weird and surprising sounds than anybody had ever heard before. I love Minny Pops. The sound speaks to me."


2012 01 30
All good things must come

Minny Pops' UK tour concluded on 23 January, Upstairs at the Garage, with welcome faces familiar and new, warm applause and a surprising finale.

The adventure was made all the more memorable by the musical talents of Rats on Rafts, Jack and the Beanstalks, Womb and Viv Albertine, the inspired DJing of Tim Burgess and Nik Void, and the divine guest vocals of Dee Plume.


2012 01 23
Live in London tonight

There are still a very few tickets left for the fourth and final show in Minny Pops' first UK tour in 30 years.

Get your advance tickets online (until about 1pm) at the wonderful Music Glue for just a £1 fee. Alternatively you can buy tickets fee-free at the Jazz Cafe box office in Camden today until 5.30 pm, at HMV Oxford Street for the usual booking fee, or on the door tonight.

Advance tickets are £6 and tickets on the door are £9.

Honest-to-goodness set times for tonight are:
Doors 7pm
James Nice, LTM Recordings, DJ set 7pm - 7.45pm
Rats on Rafts 7.45 - 8.15pm
Tim Burgess first DJ set 8.15 - 8.45pm
Viv Albertine 8.45 - 9.30pm
Tim Burgess second DJ set 9.30 - 10pm
Minny Pops 10pm sharp until 11pm on the dot.

Expect the unexpected!


2012 01 19
Things people say (John Robb, Gold Blade and LouderThanWar.com)

"There would have been no Dutch New Wave scene without Minny Pops."


2012 01 17
Things people say (Time Out, 19-25 January 2012)

"Forgotten but not gone: unfairly sidelined 80s Dutch synth-punks return to show modern darkwave bands the way.

"Fine Dutch minimalist eletro noiseniks MP, who were signed to Factory as a kind of European Joy Division and hint compellingly at Kraftwerk, head out for some of their first shows in 30 years in support of their live CD/DVD 'Standstill to Motion', recorded in New York and Amsterdam in 1981. In support, impossibly cool former Slits guitarist [Viv] Albertine digs out her floral-print guitar to showcase Gang of Four-tinted riffs paired with ethereal vocals."


2012 01 16
Things people say (Clash magazine, February 2012 issue)

"This Dutch band were part of the scene that took punk into new wave...Disbanding in 1985, they are now reforming to play some live sets and so it seems fitting to release a live CD from back then. It is well produced and captures a startling performance, suggesting their role in swaying rock towards electronic should have been more prominent. In these days of hackneyed Eighties revivalists, one recommends a serious listen to some forgotten pioneers!" - TC


2012 01 13
Believe you me

Tim Burgess has very kindly agreed to man the decks in aid of Minny Pops' first London show in over 30 years.

Tim will contribute a DJ set to the evening as Minny Pops play Upstairs at the Garage on 23 January 2012. Advance tickets are just £6 and available here.


2012 01 12
Things people say (Tim Burgess, author, DJ, recording artist, Charlatan)

"I first heard Minny Pops as a collector of all things Factory-related. The first record of theirs I got was 'Dolphin's Spurt' in 1982 - I loved the cover, and loved everything about it. 'Secret Story' is absolute genius.

"When I was getting a tatto on my collarbone, I couldn't decide which tattoo to get - FAC 73 or FAC 57. It's a great song to DJ...really modern. Sadly, in the end I went for a tattoo of FAC 33 to represent both JD and NO, but the Minny Pops song is one that has a special place in my record collection."


2012 01 11
Things people say (Rolf Hermsen, The Tapes)

"I think of Minny Pops more as a concept than as a band. Seeing them play live is witnessing an art performance, and quite a strong one at that. The performance compensates for the headache factor inherent in their uncompromising man-machine sound."


2012 01 10
Reel to real

Minny Pops' Wim Dekker presents the Standstill to Motion tour 2012 video trailer here.


2012 01 08

Auteur Harold Schellinx vertelt over en leest voor uit zijn op 1 maart te verschijnen ''Ultra'' boek tijdens het Noorderslag seminar. Wat zal hij over de Minny Pops te vertellen hebben?


2012 01 07
Het einde wordt een niew begin

Hester Carvalho schrijft over Minny Pops reformatie in het NRC van 29/12/2011.


2012 01 07
Things people say (in the press)

Caroline Sullivan of The Guardian highlights a favourite Minny Pops track.

Paul Pledger of AllGigs has kind words for Standstill to Motion: Live at the Melkweg, 19-03-1981.


2012 01 05
Starry starry night

On 7 April 2012, Minny Pops join a host of performers to elebrate ULTRA2012-EINDE at Amsterdam's Melkweg.

The band will share a bill with The Tapes, Truus de Groot & Liesbeth Esselink (Plus Instruments) and Toon Bressers (ex-Nasmak).

You can order tickets here.


2012 01 04
Things people say (Arnoud Verheul, Rats on Rafts)

"ULTRA cold, dark and abstract music. In a very minimalistic way, Minny Pops managed to draw sounds from their instruments that even those instruments didn't know they had in them."


2012 01 02
Tempus fugit

Minny Pops' two-disc set Standstill to Motion: Live at the Melkweg, 19-03-1981, is out this month.

Listen to "Time", taken from that recording, here.


2011 12 30
More Ultranieuws

Minny Pops will perform at one of the ULTRA2012 events in March 2012.

Find out more here.


2011 12 29
Our friends from Rotterdam

Rats on Rafts look back on 2011 and ahead to early 2012, when they will support Minny Pops on four UK dates.

Read what they have to say to VPRO here.


2011 12 28
Photographic evidence

On 20 December 2011, Minny Pops played a mini-set as special guests of Peter Hook and the Light at the Effenaar in Eindhoven.

Photographers Marco Smeets and Patrick Joosten both documented the event.


2011 12 27
Things people say (a correspondent enquires)

Dear Minny Pops,
A friend is trying to convince me to come and see you play in Leeds in January. I'd like to go, but I don't want to see a show where a band plays music from 30 years ago. Could you let me know if your set will be completely new? It would help me make up my mind.
Many thanks,

Hi Chris,
Well, we might play one or two new tracks, and we will play "now" versions of our old songs. We only reformed two months ago and this has not allowed us to play a set of all new songs... and we are not sure if fans want to hear all new songs. Hey, our ticket price of £6.00 is very much in line with ticket prices of 30 years ago, so for £6.00 I would take the risk and attend our show in Leeds.

Nice one!
I shall be there!


2011 12 21
Very special Viv

Minny Pops are pleased to announce that their forthcoming London bill will be graced by Viv Albertine.

The singer/songwriter, guitarist and member of punk icons The Slits will join openers Rats on Rafts and Minny Pops, Upstairs at the Garage on 23 January 2012.

Viv's bracingly frank 2012 Christmas single, "It's a Christmas, Single", can be admired here.


2011 12 11
Live in the Lichtstad

Op 20 december 2011 zal Minny Pops als very special guest optreden in de Lichtstad.

Thirty-one years after supporting Joy Division at the Effenaar in Eindhoven, on 20 December 2011 Minny Pops return to the venue as very special guests of Peter Hook and the Light, who will perform Closer (A Joy Division tribute).



2011 12 03
Ultranieuwe as it was

Dertig jaar minus eenentwintig dagen na het laatste Minny Pops optreden in Paradiso op 24/12/1981 staan de Minny Pops weer op het podium tijdens de Ultranieuwe avond in Roodkapje, Rotterdam. Een introductie, een hernieuwde kennismaking.

Thirty years (less 21 days) since Minny Pops last performed live, at the Paradiso on 24 December 1981, the band take to the stage during an Ultranieuwe evening at Rotterdam's Roodkapje. An introduction; a renewed acquaintance.

Hear Wally van Middendorp's introduction to the set here via SoundCloud.

Read Incendiary Magazine's review of the show here.

Cafe Sonore ran a short news item about the evening, which you can listen to here.

photo credit Jos van Vliet


2011 11 30

The secret is out. Minny Pops play their first gig in nearly 30 years at Roodkapje in Rotterdam on Saturday 3 December. It's a small warmup show comprising just 5 numbers - but it will offer performances of tracks they’ve never played live before, drawn from their 1983 LP Poste Restante.

Tickets (available only on the door) are €6.00 and places are limited. Catch Minny Pops alongside a host of other performances: Rats on Rafts, Spoelstra, Danny Ramirez, screenprints, action art, film and live poetry.


photo credit Elektra Dekkers


2011 11 08
Standstill to Motion: forthcoming CD/DVD release

16 January 2012 will see the release, via LTM Recordings, of Minny Pops' Standstill to Motion: Live at the Melkweg, 19-03-1981. You can read more about it here.


2011 10 17
Standstill to Motion tour 2012: UK dates

Sheffield / The Plug / 19 January
Leeds / The Brudenell Social Club / 20 January
Manchester / Gulliver's / 21 January
London / Upstairs at the Garage / 23 January

Advance tickets for all four dates are available via Music Glue.

More information about Minny Pops' first UK dates in 30 years is available on this site's new Live page.


2011 10 08
Things people say (Kevin Bacon, Comsat Angels)

"The first gig The Comsat Angels played with Minny Pops (and Ze Popes) was in Amstelveen. I sat in the bar between soundcheck and stage time having a beer. Someone threw a bottle through the window and smashed glass all over my back. During our set, a rookie Dutch punk threw a glass and its contents at Steve. We got back to the flat that night and thought about what a violent place Holland was. We'd have to be on our guard here! Minny Pops, on stage, scared me with their considered static violence. In the six-week period we were in Holland on that first tour, we only took one photograph - and it was in b&w. How sad is that? Also, during that period, apart from gigs, Steve only left the flat for a night out once."


Coming attractions


2011 09 16
Standstill to motion; waking from hibernation
NL December 2011 / UK January 2012 / NL+BE March 2012



Minny Pops meet in Amsterdam


2011 01 18
Collective minds connecting on a cold winter night in Amsterdam to kick-start the engine.